William Vincent Kirkpatrick

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William Vincent Kirkpatrick William Vincent Kirkpatrick- Upper Canyon Road- Matthews Gallery
Upper Canyon Road, n.d.
Oil on Canvas
26 x 22 in
William Vincent Kirkpatrick William Vincent Kirkpatrick- Untitled Landscape- Matthews Gallery
Untitled Landscape, n.d.
Oil on Board
7 x 9 in

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William Vincent Kirkpatrick

William Vincent Kirkpatrick

William Vincent Kirkpatrick Description

Alfred Morang's School of Fine Art was instrumental in the development of a new generation of Santa Fe artists. William Vincent Kirkpatrick (1939-2004) was one of his star pupils, and worked hard to carry on Morang’s legacy after his death. 

Vincent was born in St. Augustine, Florida and began painting at 10 years old. Much like Morang, he was a talented musician and writer at an early age, playing classical guitar and writing poetry. He came to Santa Fe in the 1950’s and studied under Morang, learning the painting techniques of the French impressionists. 

At the time of Morang’s death in 1958, Vincent was studying at the Taos School of Art. He returned to Santa Fe, rebuilt his master’s studio and worked on a series of canvases inspired by Morang’s vivid hues and painterly textures. As you can see in Vincent's painting Upper Canyon Road, his work with a palette knife came to match that of his revered master.

See paintings by Vincent in our collection, and learn more about him on the Matthews Gallery blog. You can also view a mural by Vincent in El Farol, Santa Fe's oldest restaurant and cantina. 

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