Michelle Y Williams


Michelle Y  Williams formatting As an abstract painter, Michelle Y Williams' inspiration is both selective and indiscriminate. After the initial influence “sparks the beginning of a painting, the piece generally takes on a vision of its own.”

She acknowledges, “a relationship develops between the piece and myself, occasionally conflicts must be overcome-art imitates life.”

Working on canvas, metal, Plexiglas and wood, she paints exclusively with a palette knife and utilizes various materials in her mixed media work, including acrylic and oils and often, raw materials such as sand.

Her work has evolved over the years and continues to undergo numerous transformations. “Unwittingly challenging the notion that consistency and logical progression are prerequisites for legitimization in a career, my signature alone remains my signature style”, she comments.

The ultimate intention of her work is to evoke an emotional response. A strong feeling of any kind, good or bad, Michelle observes, “indicates passion, and with passion we are able to live life to its fullest.”

Check out Michelle's paintings in our collection, and learn more about the artist on the Matthews Gallery blog.



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