David Hockney A Drawing Retrospective

Texts by Ulrich Luckhardt and Paul Melia, 1995
David Hockney A Drawing Retrospective
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Dimensions: 11.625 x 9.375"
Pages: 264
ISBN: 0-8118-1314-2
$ 75.00

David Hockney is perhaps the most widely celebrated artist of recent decades, producing work in almost every medium - painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking - as well as designing critically acclaimed sets for the stage. David Hockney: A Drawing Retrospective brings together for the first time an exciting selection of Hockney's work on paper and in sketchbooks, presenting many drawings that have never been reproduced before - including several from the artist's personal collection. Spanning his entire career, from 1954 to the present, these images show how drawing lies at the very heart of Hockney's work, a fundamental aspect of his graphic approach to every medium. Among the pieces reproduced here are portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and images of California and the other places Hockney has visited, together with subjects that reveal more personal aspects of the artist's life.

Condition: Very good condition with dust jacket