Agnes Sims (1910-1990) was born in Devon, Pennsylvania and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. After completing her schooling she established herself in Philidelphia as a needlworker and textile designer before moving to Santa Fe, NM in 1938. Not long after arriving Sims visited the petroglyphs at the Galisteo Basin, the subject of which became the primary inspiration for her art practice going forward.


The artist worked with a variety of media, making oil paintings on canvas mixed with an earthen medium that gave them a texture reminsiscient of the stone art she was so inspired by. Sims also  developed a process for painting on cloth that she used to produce large, un-stretched wall hangings while her sculpture works were comprised of wood, stone, bronze, terra-cotta, fiberglass and polyester. 


During her career Sims had one person exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, NY, the U.S. Embassy in London, Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, NM, Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, CO, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA and the McNay Art Institute in San Antonio, TX.